Andrea Kiev bn

Hello !

welcome to my personal website. This is a place where you can find out about me, my cumulative 25 years of professional career spent in the energy industry and later dedicated to my current job at the University of Geneva (UNIGE).

I joined UNIGE on March 1st, 2011 as full professor of Geo-Energy/Reservoir Geology and Basin Analysis (GE-RGBA) after 15 years spent in the energy industry in various roles and assignments around the world. Since my arrival in Geneva I have  gradually built a strong and multidisciplinary research team working on diverse aspects of geology mostly related to geo-energy topics.

This website will provide you with some snap shots of the research which interest me and my research group, my teaching, field expeditions and other related activities & information you may find interesting. Ultimately this website is meant to get you to know me and what we do within the GE-RGBA research group at UNIGE. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch !

All the best,


PS: This is my new web page and a totally new experience for me… Hope you will enjoy it as I do in making it…

Department of Earth Sciences
University of Geneva
Rue des Maraichers 13
CH-1205 Geneva

GE-RGBA web site

e-mail: andrea.moscariello@unige.ch
Tel. +41 22 379 66 10 (direct)
Tel. +41 22 379 66 19 (secretary)
Fax. +41 22 379 32 10


2 thoughts on “WELCOME !

  1. Buongiorno Andrea
    Come state? Spero tutto bene a Ginevra
    Vorrei avere delle informazioni riguardo depositi glaciali in Algeria.
    Faccio consulenza a Roma per ENEL
    Dimmi quando posso contattarti al telefono
    Il mio e’ 0039 3927085105 o 0031 657120289
    Fammi sapere
    Saluti Livio

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