Publication highlights


The geomorphological landscapes of the Geneva area surrounded by the Alps, Jura Mountains and the lake Leman formed by the interplay between the Alpine orogeny, the Pleistocene glaciations and the most recent response to its relative base level of the Rhone River is described in a new article (written almost 5 years ago!) published in a beautiful book titled “Landscapes and Landforms of Switzerland” (2021) by the Springer Nature  (World Geomorphological Landscapes), edited by my colleague Emmanuel Reynard.

Glaciogenic Reservoirs and Hydrocarbon Systems (2012): This Special Publication of the Geological Society of London, provides new insights on glaciogenic reservoirs which are typically characterized by high lateral and vertical heterogeneity.







Examples from Quaternary analogues can therefore be very useful to help understanding the sedimentary processes and resulting architecture of these accumulation. This in turn can help to predict their reservoir properties. In this SP, 2 key papers issued from the GRASP consortium have been published (Moreau et al. and Van der Vegt et al.,).

This research has been followed recently by a new article by Benvenuti and Moscariello 2016 which provide more details on the internal architecture and process on the largest glacial tunnel valley of the southern North Sea.


A new article on the importance of distinguishing fluvial fans and alluvial fans from a geo-energy perspective has been published online by the Geological Society of London SP 440.




I have been recently involved in the fascinating research activities around the catastrophic Lusi eruption whose causes are still matter of controversy and debate.Two papers have been recently posted on line where we show  interesting and unprecedented 2D seismic data demonstrating the structural complexity of the region which certainly affected profoundly the subsurface most likely favoring and preparing for the disaster to happen…