Research group

The Geo-Energy / Reservoir Geology and Basin Analysis Research Group at the moment consists of 9 PhD students and 3 Post Docs , 1 Technical Research Assistant and 5 MSc

The research programs carried out within the GERGBA group are mostly associated with PhD projects.

The PhD students in the GERGBA group are:

Antonio Benvenuti: Heterogeneity of glaciogenic deposits associae with tunnel valleys and their terminations (examples from the Pleistocene of North Sea and the Ordovician in Morocco).

Arnoud Slootman: Sedimentary mechanisms and reservoir architecture of high-energy dominated calcarenites of Favignana, Sicily

Nicolas Clerc: Tectonic evolution and structural style and of deep geothermal plays in the Greater Geneva Basin.

Elma Rusillon: Rock typing and reservoir charcaterisation of deep geothermal plays in the Greater Geneva Basin.

Gabriel Hunger: Unravelling tectonic and climate forcing in the accumulation of a thick foreland continental Miocene succession in Central Argentina.

Aymeric Le Cotonnec: reservoir architecture and reservoir modelling of coal-bearing flvio-deltaic deposits from the Carboniferous of Eastern Kentucky (USA)

Maud Brentini: regional geological information aimed at exploring geothermal reservoirs in the Geneva Basin: knowledge capture and organization.

Mahmoud Leila: onshore Nile Delta Messinian stratigraphy and sedimentary record and seismic signature

Sam Carmalt: mineralogy, organic and inorganic geochemistry of Marcellus Shales, Pennsylvania 

3 Post Docs are part of the GERGBA group:

Dr. Luca Guglielmetti: geothermal energy, hydrogeology, geophysics and water geochemistry

Dr. Damien Do Couto: seismic interpretation, sedimentary basin analysis

Dr. Dario Ventra: clastic sedimentology, continental sequences

The Technical Research Assistant is Dr. Antoine de Haller, who brings a large academic and industry experience in mineralogy and petrography. Antoine is the QEMSCAN lab manager

Please do not 🙂 visit the RGBA web page in the website of UNIGE for additional details as it is old and out of date ….


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