Reseach topics

Recent Granted Projects :

2018 – 2021: Swiss National Fund: Comparative architectural analysis of large fluvial fan successions in humid vs arid settings: Styles of aggradation, channel belt avulsion and oberbank organisation. Project no 200020_175762 / 1

2018 – 2020:  “GECOS – Geothermal Exploration Chance Of Success”. Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI, Swiss Confederation. CTI no. 26728.1 PFIW-IW

2017-2023: UNCONGEO: Prediction  and quantification of hydrocarbon occurrence in the Swiss Plateau as risks for Geothermal exploration.

2018 – 2020: HEATSTORE & Pilot and Demonstration project by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy: reservoir characterization and detailed 3D modelling, fluid rock interaction during geothermal production.

Ongoing projects:

3D structural modelling of Geneva Basin: reservoir characterization, rock typing

FD-RAS” Research Consortium Phase 1 Project Fluvio-Deltaic reservoir analogue study

Ordovician Glacial paloegeography in the Murzuq Basin (Libya): Seismic spectral decomposition, chemostratigraphy and petrophysics.

International collaborations:

Triassic fluvial sequences in Northern Spain: reservoir characterization and rock properties. University of Freiburg

Reconstructing sedimentary processes and depositional environment evolution of mixed carbonate-siliciclastic systems from rock composition and texture. Agro Fm, Neuquen Basin: Univeersity of La Plata

Shale gas reservoir characterization Texas University, Lubbok US

Plio-Quaternary seismostratigraphy of offshore Western Sicily (Dr. Mauro Agate, University of Palermo)










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