MSc level

These are the course I teach in ENGLISH for the MSc on Earth Sciences, Sedimentary, Environmental ad Reservoir Geology option at the University of Geneva.

  1. Reflection Seismic and Seismic stratigraphy (Applied geophysics to geoscientists)
  2. Advanced Sedimentology (glaciogenic and proximal continental depositional systems)
  3. Basin Research: Petroleum System Modelling & Source Rocks
  4. Borehole logging / petrophysics (with Dimitri Massaras)
  5. Reservoir Geology 1: Clastic Reservoir Geology & Carbonate Reservoir Geology (with Bruno Caline)
  6. Reservoir Geology 2: 3D Reservoir Modelling & From Play evaluation to Field Development
  7. Rock Typing by automated petrography QEMSCAN and porosity and permeability analysis
  8. Natural Resources (Hydrocarbons, CO2, Shale Gas and Gas hydrates)
  9. Integrated Basin Analysis (Field course in NW Italy)
  10. GIS applied to Geo-Energy (with Joseph Simantov)

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