Andrea Moscariello’s CV and Working experience

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1996    Ph.D. Geology, University of Geneva (Switzerland).

Dissertation: Quaternary Geology of Geneva Bay (Lake Geneva, Switzerland).

Sedimentary record, Palaeoenvironmental and Palaeoclimate reconstruction since the Last

Glacial Cycle. Thesis published.

1990    Accreditation as Italian Professional Geologist.

1990    M.Sc. in Geological Sciences, University of Turin (Italy) “summa cum laude“. Thesis:

Reconstruction of the Quaternary evolution of Zoldo Valley (Dolomites, Italy).



March 2011 – present

Full Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Geneva (CH), Chair of Geo-Energy / Reservoir Geology and Basin Analysis. Research group size on April 2022: 2 Maître Assistants, 4 Post Docs, 3 PhDs, 3 MSc students, 1 Lab Manager. Cumulative Group budget: 8.8 mln CHF. Academic/Research Sponsors: Swiss National Fund, Innosuisse, EC, CERN, CHART;  Industry sponsors: Services Industriel de Genève, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Swisstopo, Shell, OMV, Total, Addax.

October 2006 – March 2011

Assistant Professor at the Department of Geotechnology of the Technical University of Delft, NL. Head of large Joint Industry Research Programme GRASP, 2PhD 1 Post Doc. Budget 850k Euro.

March 2000 – March 2011

Affiliate Lecturer at Department of Geography. M.Phil in Quaternary Science, University of Cambridge. Teaching MPhil course on Fluvial Systems and Sedimentology.

September 1997 – August 1998: NERC Researcher, Godwin Institute, University of Cambridge (sedimentology chemostratigraphy and paleo-environment of long Plio-Pleistocene lacustrine records, Italy).

December 1996 – August 1997: Post-Doctoral position research at the U.S. Geological Survey, Golden CO – U.S.A. sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Sedimentology, processes and morphology of alluvial fans in the Basin and Range Region, Western U.S.A. (Advisors. Dr. W.Z. Savage and Dr. T. Blair).



June 2018 – present

Member of the Board of Geneva Earth Resources SA (Geneva); GER Africa SA (Dakar) and Orbis GG Ltd (Dublin).

June 2010 – March 2012

Founder and Director of Earth Resources B.V., Consultancy firm based in The Hague (NL) for the energy industry offering advises on business development, business performance improvement and geosciences related subsurface technical matters.
Snr Research Advisor for the Exploration and Production Division of the TNO – Dutch Geological Survey and Institute for Applied Technology, Utrecht, NL.
Snr Knowledge Management Advisor for Shell Development Kazakhstan, Rijswijk, NL.

May 2009 – June 2010

Head of Special Technology Development for reservoir characterization/rock typing using QEMSCAN technology. SGS SA Oil, Gas and Chemicals.

November 2008 – May 2009

New Business and Technical Director at SGS Horizon B.V. a mid-size consultancy firm to the E&P Industry based in The Hague, The Netherlands, employing ca 80 staff and with 4 offices (The Hague, Aberdeen, Abuja and Kuala Lumpur). Large acquired projects: YPF, ENI, ADDAX, Delta Hydrocarbons, Magreb Petroleum, Centrica, GdFSuez, Shell Gabon, NAM.

August 2008 – January 2009

Managing Director/Operation Manager of Horizon Energy Partner UK, Aberdeen Scotland.
Responsible for operations, project management, business development and 15 staff. Large acquired projects: First Oil, Endeavour, Exxon, Maersk, Shell UK.

October 2007 – July 2008

Manager of Reservoir Geology at Horizon Energy Partners B.V. (later SGS Horizon B.V.).
(staff and project management for both Exploration and Development in Europe, West
Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America for a large portfolio of different clients ranging from large operators to small independent and start up E&P companies. G&G staff increased from 6 to 12 individuals in 6 months).

October 2004 – Sept 2007

Senior Geologist for the Integrated Reservoir Analogue Team, Capability and Technology Organisation, Shell International E&P B.V., Rijswijk, NL. Global focal point for corporate reservoir analogues data and world-side knowledge base (basins, fields, reservoirs, stratigraphic and structural plays).
Responsible for R&D programme on Continental Clastic Geology (research activity identification and planning including external liaisons with Universities and Research Institutes).
Shell’s Group Subject Matter Expert on Continental Reservoirs appointed by the Production Geology Leadership Team.

June 2002 – September 2004

Global subsurface consultant for the Hydrocarbon Maturation/Technical & Operational Excellence organisation, Shell International E&P, Rijswijk, NL (worked in Exploration and Field Development Projects worldwide, with special focus on Europe, West Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America). Global focal point for corporate reservoir analogues data and knowledge base.

June 2002 to December 2007

Technical assessor for Shell E&P international recruitment team.

September 2000 – June 2002

Reservoir Geologist for Shell U.K. Exploration and Production, Lowestoft, Suffolk England.
Exploration regional geology and basin modelling. Reservoir fairways identification from seismic and well data at both basin and reservoir scale aimed to Field Development Plans. Seismic interpretation, reservoir characterization, reservoir analogue study and geo-modelling.

December 1997 – September 2000

Production geologist for Shell UK Exploration and Production, Lowestoft, Suffolk England.
Well planning, reservoir and fracture modeling, structural geology and seismic interpretation of gas fields of the Southern North Sea (UK sector).

September 1994 – January 1995: Research Consultant, University of Geneva. Geophysical (geoelectric) investigations in the lacustrine basin of Le Locle (Switzerland).

September 1993 – January 1994

Research Consultant, Swiss Hydrological and Geological Service. High-resolution reflection
seismic, Canton of Fribourg (Switzerland).

March 1991 – April 1992

Geologist for the Comunità Montana Cadore Longaronese Zoldano (Dolomites Italy).
Mapping of morphogenetic processes and geological risks and hazards related to tectonic.



2012 – present:

  • Source to Sink for geothermal resources assessment for the city of Lenzburg (Argovie, CH)
  • Subsurface evaluation of geothermal reservoirs in the Eclepens area, Switzerland (BKV)
  • Regional screening of CCS source to sink potential for the ESCWA member states (United Nation ESCWA)
  • Second Opinion of subsurface potential of the Sadid anticlinal structure and the Salah ad Din Province, Iraq (Geopetrol)
  • ENI Corporate University course: Seismic Interpretation applied to Petroleum Geoscience (5 times).
  • Reservoir evaluation in the Neuquen and San George Basins, Argentina (YPF)
  • Characterisation of clastic and carbonate reservoirs, Kazhakstan (NCOC)

2010 – 2012

  • Evaluation of reservoir connectivity and rock typing of Carboniferous siliciclastic reservoirs at basin scale (Southern North Sea, England and The Netherlands)


  • High-resolution automated rock typing aimed to derive reservoir parameters composition texture controlling fluid flow reservoir performance in carbonate and siliciclastic reservoirs. Technology development and Innovation programme (QEMSCAN, CTScan, SEM, XRD, etc.).
  • Project Manager and Business development (Kazakhstan, Russia, Africa, Argentina, Canada, Libya).
  • Staff management, finance and accounting, recruitment and training courses.


  • Basin seismic-stratigraphy and reservoir characterisation and modeling aimed to appraisal and development plans, new infill drilling campaign in Permian continental successions, The Netherlands (L15 offshore block), Shallow marine succession of the Cretaceous and Jurassic successions offshore North Sea UK and Norwegian sectors (E.g. Curlew, Asgard Field unitisation); continental Triassic succession in Morocco; Devonian marginal marine reservoir in Algeria.
  • Project Manager and Business development (Kazakhstan, Russia, Africa, South America, Morocco)
  • Operation management Staff management, finance and accounting, recruitment and training courses


  • Sedimentological and petrophysical characterization of mature producing field in Gabon (Remboue) and a reservoir characterization and modelling of a multi-stacked reservoir in the Niger Delta (HB cluster).
  • Reservoir Characterisation and 3D static modelling of Lower Carboniferous, Devonian and Late Ordovician plays of Zerafa and Djebel Hirane Regions, Western Desert Algeria: a basin scale study.
  • Responsible for establishing target and detailed work plan for global Clastic R&D Programme for Shell International E&P (Rijswijk – Houston).


  • Sedimentology and Facies analysis of Lower Carboniferous, Devonian and Late Ordovician plays of Zerafa and Djebel Hirane Regions, Western Desert Algeria.
  • Basin study of depositional environments and reservoir variability in rift-settings: the Nubian sandstone of the Sirte Basin, Libya.
  • Analogue Study for Permo-Carboniferous and Late Devonian glacigenic reservoirs of the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia) using seismic interpretation of Pleistocene tunnel valleys in the Southern North Sea.
  • Tunnel Valleys reservoirs of North Africa: Joint Industry Project research coordinator for TU Delft (project sponsored by BP, Repsol, Total and Shell).
  • Reservoir quality and prediction of deep Palaeozoic prospects at basin scale. Consultancy work for South Rub Al- Khali Company Ltd. Saudi Arabia.
  • Reservoir analogue knoweldge base: definition of best practices and guidelines for static modellers of clastic and carbonate reservoirs.
  • Subsurface static modelling of complex fluvial reservoirs: Changbei, China, Anzauz and Rahab Oman using new process-based fluvial modelling (Flumy).
  • Project manager of Flumy: a new process based software developed by Ecole des Mines Paris.


  • Basin development of fluvio-aeolian facies of the Permian Transition zone, Southern North Sea Basin, their characterisation and static reservoir modelling (L9-L15 blocks, offshore The Netherlands).
  • Geomorphology and processes of World’s largest Fuvial Fan systems. Study based on satellite images interpretation and processing.
  • Reservoir analogue study for the fluvial-shallow marine reservoirs of the Kalamkas discovery, Caspian Sea.


  • Subsurface uncertainty identification and modelling focused on development of Tertiary deltaic shallow to deep marine reservoirs. Work for Pecten Cameroon, Douala,


  • Redevelopment of the Fahud Field. Thermal Recovery Mechanisms vs Waterflooding opportunities. Shareholder meeting preparation and facilitation.


  • Technical feasibility of exploration and appraisal activities of a offshore large deep water discovery. Reservoir characterisation of distal thinly bedded, bioturbated turbidites.
  • Seismic facies mapping, biostratigraphy (e.g. dynoflagellates) for depositional environment reconstruction. Work at Norske Shell, Stavanger
  • Alluvial and fluvial sedimentary facies and depositional processes of SW Pyrenees, Huesca area, Spain. (with G. Nichols, London).
  • Reservoir characterisation and subsurface uncertainties of Carbonate reservoirs, Cretaceous Natih and Shwaiba Formations of the Al Huwaisah and Fahud fields, Oman. Work at Petroleum Development Oman, Muscat.
  • Reservoir characterisation of Tertiary deltaic shallow to deep marine depositional systems of the Odidi Node fields. Work at Shell Petroleum Development Company (Warri, Nigeria)


  • Facies characterisation and structural analysis of Cretaceous carbonate Cogollo Formation, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Shell Venezuela SA
  • Field work in the Basin and Range Province, USA. Sedimentology and facies distribution of Bristol lake and Death Valley basins (with S. Fryberger). Analogue study for Permian reservoirs of the Southern North Sea.
  • Sedimentary facies, stratigraphy and reservoir architecture of Tertiary fluvial and lacustrine system of the Ebro Basin (Spain). (with P. Anadon and A. Sáez).
  • Aeolian and fluvial systems of arid depositional environment of Wester U.S.. Field seminar organised by Shell E&P.
  • Brunei Shell Petroleum: Reservoir characterization and uncertainties identification finalized to well concept selection for the Tertiary deltaic shallow to deep marine reservoir of the Iron Duke field.
  • Shell Brazil: viability of exploration and appraisal of offshore deep water prospects. Seismic facies modelling, and sedimentological charcaterisation of Tertiary deep water proximal turbidite fans.
  • Well proposal for the UK exploration discovery well Carrack West, Cutter appraisal and Nessie exploration wells (Fluvio- aeolian and aeolian reservoirs). Operational support during drilling activity with off-shore work during coring operations.
  • Editor of a Special Issue of the Shell EP-Newsletter entitled: Advance on prospect definition and reservoir modelling on Paleozoic plays of North Europe.
  • Consultancy work for Nederlandse Ardolie Maatschappij: subsurface modelling of Ameland field and K7 reservoirs (Permian fluvio-aeolian reservoir).
  • Consultancy work for exploration and development teams (JID aera) in Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij and Shell U.K. E&P.
  • 2001 Fluvial architecture and sedimentation of Mesozoic successions in Western USA (Utah, New Mexico and Arizona) specifically focused on analogue study for Carboniferous reservoirs of the Southern North Sea (Uinta Basin, Utah).
  • Static geological modeling (using Shell’s tool Geocap) of Carboniferous fluvial reservoirs of the Schooner and Ketch fields using newly developed concepts on reservoir architecture characterisation on fluvial barren red sequences based on chemostratigraphy and pedofacies cyclicity.
  • Reservoir geology of Carboniferous Westphalian A/D establishing enw correlation using biostratigraphical and chemostratigraphical data assessing the impact of intraformational sealing mechanisms to NFP prospects.


  • Well proposals for 6 development wells of Southern North Sea fields in structurally complex reservoirs.


  • Geological and structural modelling and fracture prediction of aeolian and fluvial reservoirs (Skiff, Clipper, Galleon, Ketch and Schooner fields) in support of development wells.
  • Technical peer review of the static subsurface models of Puffin (Central North Sea) and Tern/Cormorant (Northern North Sea) fields prior to dynamic modelling upscaling.